Video Games


All Avatars Are Created Equal

Video Games! These tricky little devils. Video games let you experience stories from another person's perspective and can make you feel like the king of the world. Or maybe the queen? Some of my favourite games like Dragon Age or Skyrim leave it up to you, the player, whether you want to save the world as a man or as a woman. This might be the cure-all to all representation and identification problems you could ever have in games. Or isn't it?


Fan service!

I'm still getting a lot of queries for my take on ludology. The original article has sadly vanished thanks to my relaunching the site, but as I'm older and wiser now than when I originally wrote it, I decided to pen an enhanced (and slightly less angry) edition of my explanation.

So. What's ludology? Does it hurt?

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Context is King

Or: What Video Games Taught Me About Storytelling.

Action is everything.
Exposition? Needs more action.
Dialogue? Needs more action!
Action, action, action!
Action is the holy grail of light fiction. Action also is a fancy word for „stuff happens“. And we all know stuff. It's not necessarily exciting. That's why action can't be everything. The magic word is context.