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LaTeX to Epub

So, let's pretend for a second. Let's pretend that you write literature and - for reasons beyond mortal understanding - you write in LaTeX. I know: Crazy, right? In this purely hypothetical situation, you might one day want to convert your beautiful TEX-file into an even more stunning EPUB. Oh, and for the sake of argument: Let's say you're an Ubuntu user.



After long planning and a tedious writing break due to university, my website is all new and shiny! Aside from the new design, the idea behind the relaunch was to give my countless blog projects a common though not thematically clear-cut platform.

I will keep writing about games, but topics will also include books and films, storytelling, writing, and languages; mark-up, media and mems; and probably some food related stuff (because I love food) and whatever happens to be on my mind.