After long planning and a tedious writing break due to university, my website is all new and shiny! Aside from the new design, the idea behind the relaunch was to give my countless blog projects a common though not thematically clear-cut platform.

I will keep writing about games, but topics will also include books and films, storytelling, writing, and languages; mark-up, media and mems; and probably some food related stuff (because I love food) and whatever happens to be on my mind.

By consolidating all these topics and opening up towards unspecific posts, I hope to be able to update more regularly. No more excuses as "Ah well, that would be off-topic, wouldn't it?". But don't worry: I won't spam ten posts a day.

When you look to the right, you'll notice a language selection menu. In order to find some system for my lingual bipolarity, I try to offer the whole page in German and English. Which means that I will translate every post, which will be a little bit more time consuming than it is the case with a monolingual blog. 

It's all still a wee bit shaky on its legs: The site information menu struggles agains the fontsize of the site name, the menu item "texts" tends to vanish without warning and the site is still far from being optimized for mobile devices, but I hope to remedy that in the time to come.

Until then: Ignore the bugs and tell me if any base function (e.g. leaving a comment) doesn't work!

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