Literature and Elites

A Love Story.

It would have been so nice if I could have stuck with the topics I specified in the last post, but what's a blog for if not for writing about whatever is on one's mind right now? Today, it is this article, (German only) especially the introduction which reads:

He blogs about books every non-stupid person should have read ...

Context is King

Or: What Video Games Taught Me About Storytelling.

Action is everything.
Exposition? Needs more action.
Dialogue? Needs more action!
Action, action, action!
Action is the holy grail of light fiction. Action also is a fancy word for „stuff happens“. And we all know stuff. It's not necessarily exciting. That's why action can't be everything. The magic word is context.

Syuzhet & Fabula

Oh theoretical terms, you well-defined yet completely nebulous pain in the neck. Couldn't you at least be loaned from a language I understand, like French or English? But don't worry, this article isn't a lesson in Russian Formalism.

Instead, it is more of a reminder for anyone who considers themselves a weaver of the fine fabric called stories. The whole planning thing? That part of the process which isn't euphorically slamming your heart against your keyboard? Yeah. There's more to it than one might think.

LaTeX to Epub

So, let's pretend for a second. Let's pretend that you write literature and - for reasons beyond mortal understanding - you write in LaTeX. I know: Crazy, right? In this purely hypothetical situation, you might one day want to convert your beautiful TEX-file into an even more stunning EPUB. Oh, and for the sake of argument: Let's say you're an Ubuntu user.