Oh dear, work has completely consumed me lately, so I've neglegcted this blog quite a bit. I'll try to be more productive in the next months. Because I'll be rather busy, I'll probably write about the topics I have to research anyway for my papers, articles and other projects.

Here's an unsorted list of my future fields of study:

  • Twitter as technology of the self
  • Depiction and perception of Hackers in film and literature
  • Gender neutral language in Games
  • Digital Media Theory / Media Ecology
  • Writing project in cooperation with type:area (more information about that is coming soon)

Today type:area, tomorrow the whole world!

I'm writing articles for now. 

type:area is a service provider for typesetting and layout in LaTeX and ePUB, which makes it the perfect fit for me. So I'll post technical stuff about eBooks there, sadly in German language only. If your German is good enough and you're interested in typesetting, visit the blog, stay awhile and read. My boss, Tina Giesler, is rather knowledgeable in her field and all things related to publishing. 




After long planning and a tedious writing break due to university, my website is all new and shiny! Aside from the new design, the idea behind the relaunch was to give my countless blog projects a common though not thematically clear-cut platform.

I will keep writing about games, but topics will also include books and films, storytelling, writing, and languages; mark-up, media and mems; and probably some food related stuff (because I love food) and whatever happens to be on my mind.