The Hunger Games - Feminist Reading #1

I've been nudged on Twitter to give my opinion to The Hunger Games from a feminist perspective. So far, I've only read the first book and that was some time ago. So I'll be reading it from the very beginning, noting thoughts as they pop into my head. When the situations I describe are deconstructed later on in the book, I will write another article and link to the old one. Thus, I hope to make clear how my insights come to be.

Pepper Potts and the "I looked into the TARDIS"-Syndrome

I watched Iron Man 3!
Have you watched Iron Man 3?
Good God, have you seen Iron Man 3? Well, what's to say? I'll refrain from ripping it apart with my analytical claws of doom. That movie is not really worth being regarded as a whole. But I wouldn't be the pattern-obsessive media scholar I am if I hadn't noticed a mysterious disease that seems to infect quite a lot of female characters in pop culture. I call it the "I looked into the TARDIS"-Syndrome.

House of Leaves

It starts in Courier. It starts as story. And if there hadn't been the 700-page-promis of a formal mindfuck without compare, this beginning would not necessarily have convinced me to keep reading.
But the text breaks out of both mode an content: Times. Academic film analysis. I notice my reading behaviour change. For years of cultural studies slow down my gaze, make it wander more carefully over the words and cling to terms and definitions.

I'm far from finished, but this book demands an exploration in advance.

Buchrücken: das Haus


Peter V. Brett - The Warded/Painted Man

Good God, guys, can't you decide on one English title? Well, at least, there is an opportunity to explain the nebulous "notes"-category of my blog: As someone who dissects stories on a daily basis, I take a lot of mental notes while reading books, playing games and watching films. And here I'll try to regurgitate them into cohesive reviews. So, without any more ado: Let's dissect The Painted Man. I mean The Warded Man! God!