In my mind:

  • I write in LaTeX so people think I'm coding.
  • I cannot decide on wether to use British or American spelling.
  • I collect dictionaries.
  • I'm enrolled in a graduate programme in Media Studies. In German, we call that science, too.
  • I like web things.
  • I. Love. Stories.


I'm a graduate student of Media Science at Ruhr-University Bochum. I majored in German and Media Science for my Bachelor's degree. In my studies, I focus mainly on the impact of narratives, media and technology on social realities, identity and worldview construction. Articles might contain technical terms, blockquotes, and media theory. When I'm not hunting for credit points, I volunteer at the Initiative Game Studies (Website in German). Because video games are awesome.

Writerly Ambitions

When all that reading and writing for university gets too much, I do it for literature. Maybe, someday, this hobby will lead to publication, who knows. I'm especially fond of the genres Science Fiction and Fantasy. Constructing strange worlds enables us to learn and say a lot about our own. Although looking at literature from the economical perspective is extremely frustrating, I can't keep myself from it and sometimes comment on developments in that regard. I put a lot of thought into the question how creative work can be funded fairly without resorting to draconian copyright laws.


Alena "what's with that depiction of women" Dausacker is having none of your sexism or any kind of discrimination. I often write about the reproduction of tired old (and new) gender roles in media and the public discussion about gender and sexuality. And yes, I rant quite a bit about that topic because, honestly, I can't believe this is still necessary.

Just a couple of points for clarification. Feminism as I see it …

  • is not against men in any way but fights social structures and cultural bias.
  • works together with other brands of anti-discrimination-activism. Sexism interacts and multiplies with other social categories like class, ethnicity, religion, etc. It does not, however, try to speak for every group of discriminated people. It tries to give them a voice of their own.
  • is not a marginal problem confined to certain social environments but a widespread problem that can affect all of us.
  • is still needed. We are not as post-gender as some people tend to claim.

Vegetarism and other Ethical Dilemmas

I love food and I'm a vegetarian. Generally, I think a lot about how to live and consume ecologically responsably and socially fair without giving up everything. The thing about this topic which is both nice and horrible is that there is no right answer. You can look at it from thousand different perspectives. So I try to blend philospphical trains of thought with my own experiences, tips and recipes. The idea is not to preach but to get people thinking for themselves beyond the omnivore-bullshit-bingo of "but we are predators" and "Soy isn't much better for the environment".