The Hunger Games - Feminist Reading #1

I've been nudged on Twitter to give my opinion to The Hunger Games from a feminist perspective. So far, I've only read the first book and that was some time ago. So I'll be reading it from the very beginning, noting thoughts as they pop into my head. When the situations I describe are deconstructed later on in the book, I will write another article and link to the old one. Thus, I hope to make clear how my insights come to be.

All Avatars Are Created Equal

Video Games! These tricky little devils. Video games let you experience stories from another person's perspective and can make you feel like the king of the world. Or maybe the queen? Some of my favourite games like Dragon Age or Skyrim leave it up to you, the player, whether you want to save the world as a man or as a woman. This might be the cure-all to all representation and identification problems you could ever have in games. Or isn't it?

Literature and Elites

A Love Story.

It would have been so nice if I could have stuck with the topics I specified in the last post, but what's a blog for if not for writing about whatever is on one's mind right now? Today, it is this article, (German only) especially the introduction which reads:

He blogs about books every non-stupid person should have read ...

Cheese is Overrated

Considering that I'm rather busy with university and work and I'll probably only get to spew out my well-researched articles about media and stuff when I'm done researching, I'll throw in some articles about food in the next couple of weeks. Because ... Omnomnom. I'll start a series with the Title Cheese is overrated in which I put together some tips and tricks for meatless cooking.F

This isn't going to be a collection of recipes. Firstly, because I suck at measuring while cooking and secondly because I'm way to lazy to test whatever measurements I've come up with. So it's just going to be inspiration.

Oh, and beware: There will be tofu.


Oh dear, work has completely consumed me lately, so I've neglegcted this blog quite a bit. I'll try to be more productive in the next months. Because I'll be rather busy, I'll probably write about the topics I have to research anyway for my papers, articles and other projects.

Here's an unsorted list of my future fields of study:

  • Twitter as technology of the self
  • Depiction and perception of Hackers in film and literature
  • Gender neutral language in Games
  • Digital Media Theory / Media Ecology
  • Writing project in cooperation with type:area (more information about that is coming soon)

Pepper Potts and the "I looked into the TARDIS"-Syndrome

I watched Iron Man 3!
Have you watched Iron Man 3?
Good God, have you seen Iron Man 3? Well, what's to say? I'll refrain from ripping it apart with my analytical claws of doom. That movie is not really worth being regarded as a whole. But I wouldn't be the pattern-obsessive media scholar I am if I hadn't noticed a mysterious disease that seems to infect quite a lot of female characters in pop culture. I call it the "I looked into the TARDIS"-Syndrome.

Twitter: @Replies

I spend too much time on Twitter. I timed it. If I could, I would even spend my whole day there. It's a little bit like sitting in a merry round of handpicked people without having to say anything. It's perfect for the moderate socially anxious! 

Sometimes, just sometimes, you really get to interact with people. But some seem to have troubles grasping the conversation culture that prevails there. So these are a couple of things you should take into account before sprinkling your timeline with @Replies.

Today type:area, tomorrow the whole world!

I'm writing articles for now. 

type:area is a service provider for typesetting and layout in LaTeX and ePUB, which makes it the perfect fit for me. So I'll post technical stuff about eBooks there, sadly in German language only. If your German is good enough and you're interested in typesetting, visit the blog, stay awhile and read. My boss, Tina Giesler, is rather knowledgeable in her field and all things related to publishing. 



Fan service!

I'm still getting a lot of queries for my take on ludology. The original article has sadly vanished thanks to my relaunching the site, but as I'm older and wiser now than when I originally wrote it, I decided to pen an enhanced (and slightly less angry) edition of my explanation.

So. What's ludology? Does it hurt?

Some thoughts after the jump.